Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exile to Paradise

Circumstances, engineered by the sub-conscious for the purpose of soul growth (or to fulfill a decades long Jeremiah Johnson fixation), find me sitting in a one room cabin with no running water, though it does have high-speed internet, at the edge of a wooded hollow out my back door. The view from the front window, next to my computer, is of an open field and the distant hills on the other side of the valley in which I live. The provisions of my bankruptcy require me to live in this manner until my case is discharged. Since this post is not about my being forced into bankruptcy, I will not expound upon the occurances that led up to it as all of the actions of some very greedy, dishonest people were a part of what it took to get me out here permanently. In essence, I was forced to come here, which is where I've always wanted to be, living permanently on my land in the country. As far as the water, I could not afford to drill a well so I collect rainwater with a system of my own design that seems to supply an adequate amount for all of my needs. I love using rainwater straight from the sky that has never touched ground as it is softer than ground water and seems to still contain healthful ozone gathered in its fall through the biosphere. My system costs nothing to operate as gravity provides plenty of water pressure. Consequently, I have access to my water supply even when there is a power outage which gives me a definite advantage over those who pump their water from wells.
Another advantage that seems to have benefited me greatly is my use of a wood stove for heat. My heating bills are around $2 to $3 per month. That is the cost of gas and oil to operate my chainsaw. An added benefit is that cutting and splitting wood has turned out to more effective than a membership in a health club. Wood has to be one of the most efficient heating fuels possible when one considers that each piece of wood warms me a least three times. It provides heat in the form of burned calories when I cut and stack it, and again when I split it. The real bonus is when I burn it which is the most enjoyable as it goes into the "fruits of my labor" column. Next Spring, I plan to expand this cabin by adding a real bathroom, large walk-in closet, and a 10' by 18' greenhouse/atrium. All-in-all, this new rural life seems to suit me. I find wonder in the changeing seasons, in the balance of Nature, and in the antics of the abundant wildlife. How many places can you start to pull out of your driveway and be distracted by a bald eagle gliding majestically across the road? My God, I've landed in Paradise, dragged there even, kicking and screaming and I've come to realize I am so blessed.

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  1. Everything is SO TRUE!!!!! You are BLESSED. Keep your eye on the prize, my friend. We'll get through this bad spell.